Fertile Bodies

A mobilisation around the compost toilet as the technical tool that can re-direct what often is described as the apocalyptic human masses into life sustaining bodies.
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Volcano and Revolution

An investigation into the historic event of when ash clouds from an Icelandic volcano led to a notable change of climate in Central Europe six years before the start of the French revolution.
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alle sorter 2006

The Order Of Potatoes

Distribution and cultivation of peasant potato varieties prohibited for commercial circulation within the EU, together with stories on the ways of knowing that these plants embody, and that are at risk of becoming lost.
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Reorganising Memory

Breeding of new potato varieties with old peasant techniques that boost the plants’ own immune system rather than making them dependent on pesticides. At the same time – breeding rearranges matter and memory and brings new ways of knowing to life.

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On Memory as Practice, Potato Breeding, and a Socialist Model Village in the GDR.

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The Way Potatoes Go

A survey of potato varieties grown in US that, for various reasons, it is impossible to claim ownership of - they belong to the cultural commons.

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Making a Living

A potato patch can be what help feeding a household over the winter, or what gives jobholders meaningful spare time.

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Migrating Matter
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Under the Lawn, the Potatofield

The pleasure of digging up a lawn, the post war symbol of chemical gardening control, for the plantation of potatoes, as it so many times have happened throughout history in moments of food crisis.