Friends in the field:

The Neighbourhood Academy
A self-organized open platform for urban and rural knowledge sharing, cultural practice and activism

A mobile garden project in Berlin

The main aim of the Navdanya biodiversity conservation programme is to support local farmers, rescue and conserve crops and plants that are being pushed to extinction and make them available through direct marketing.

The Association for Nature and Sustainable Development
ANDES is an indigenous NGO based in Cusco, Peru. ANDES is recognized nationally and internationally for its work in the defence of indigenous rights to genetic resources, traditional knowledge and in the conservation of biological and cultural resources and the character of the landscape of the Andes.

Bioland Hof Jeebel
Many rare varieties for sale

More rare potatoes:

The Academy of Contemporary Art in Tromsø

Christiania Researcher in Residency

Kvinder På Værtshus / Women Down The Pub
Women Down The Pub