The Potato Harvest Feast

The harvest at Prinzessinnengarten in 2010 was celebrated with a huge feast: Several cooks made their favourite potato dishes making use of the varieties' different cooking qualities.

The dishes were Pizza made of Mehlige Mühlviertler potato dough served with either sweet tomato jam or with crème fraiche and leeks; Plum Dumplings made from Mehlige Mühlviertler and Vitelotte; Nettle Soup made from Adretta; Pommes Pont Neuf - Les Vraies Frites Révolutionnaire made from King Edward and Rote Emma; Aloo Bonda, popular south Indian dish made from Congo potatoes mash balls; Papas Choredas, a national Colombian dish was made on boiled Vitelotte and chips with green herb mash made of King Edward or Red Emma Pink mash.

Cooks: Hannes Budweg, Tany Busse, Leif Erich Christiansen, Kim Hiorthøy and Åsa Sonjasdotter, Till Kober, Nicole Messenlehner, Michael Pfefferle and Ulrike Solbrig with the help of many volunteers

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Photography by Karolin Meunier and Gitte Villesen